On-Site and Studio Photography  – Interiors, Product Shots, PR, Brochures…

We use Nikon, Epson and Fuji cameras ensuring stunning results which can be used in brochures, advertisements, websites and PR…all for just £295 per day. We travel all over the UK, with previous assignments in the USA, Europe, Middle East, Malta, South of France, Germany, and the Mediterranean. The results provide our clients with sharp and realistic images for brochures, websites, advertisements, and PR campaigns.


csourcemontage800x800pxWe  can travel throughout Europe and even the USA, and travel costs are negotiable depending on where we are at the time of booking our service. In the UK travel expenses are rarely in excess of £65. Travelling: Travelling the length and breadth of the UK, Jardine’s have operated a high quality Mobile On-Site Photographic Unit at the rate of just £295 per day for many years! Our service operates with portable studio lighting for  photography of individual products and services or ‘in-situ’ installations for many leading organisations. We use Nikon and Fuji digital cameras.

costapacifica370x250Our photography service can be used in conjunction with our PR, brochure and website design services. When out on a photographic assignment we are always, therefore, aware of where the final shots will be used and adjust format and exposures accordingly. For example if we are using the shots for interviews with end-users we ensure the appropriate backgrounds are used. If we are using the shots in a company brochure, suitable studio lighting and backcloths would be used.